PROG.FM Song Stats

2 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Yes Don't Kill the Whale Tormato
Up Next O.S.I The New Math (What He Said) Office of Strategic Influence 2003
After That Nektar Now The Prodigal Son

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Pete Bardens A Higher Ground Water Colors
Demians Sapphire Building an Empire 2008
Arena Skin Game Contagion 2003
Galleon Tribute Heritage & Visions 1994
National Health Dreams Wide Awake Playtime 1994
Red Sand Mirror of Insanity Mirror of Insanity 2004
Mangala Vallis A New Century The Book of Dreams 0
Pagan's Mind Through Osiris' Eyes Celestial Entrance
Martin Orford The Time and the Season The Old Road 2009