PROG.FM Song Stats

6 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Illusion Isadora Out of the Mist 1977
Up Next Marillion Separated Out Anoraknophobia
After That Le Orme Gioco Di Bimba Amico Di Ieri 1996

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Jon Anderson Sharpening the Sword Survival & Other Stories 2011
Genesis One for the Vine Wind & Wuthering 0
Metamorfosi Cielo di Giove Paradiso
Yanni The Sphynx Optimystique 1997
Consortium Project III Nemesis Terra Incognita 1997
Mind Masque What Is The World Mind Masque 1998
Pär Lindh Project Mundus Incompertus Pt. 2 Mundus Incompertus
Forgotten Suns Struggle / Death Snooze 2004
Dyonisis Winter Dyonisis 2007