PROG.FM Song Stats

3 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Thieves Kitchen The Picture Slave Shibboleth 2003
Up Next Aragon In the Name of God The Angels Tear 2004
After That Globus Illumination Epicon 2006

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Tristan Park A Place Inside A Place Inside
Orphan Project Encircling Arms of the Father Orphan Found
Ghost Circus Send-Return Cycles 2006
Andeavor Anybody's Guess? Once Upon Time
Trance of Mine Inmost Reflections
Aspera Between Black & White Ripples 2010
Antares (NL) Ethnic Cleansing Choking the Stone 2001
Roswell Six The Edge of the World Terra Incognita 2009
Missa Mercuria Whisper Of The Soul (Watergoddess) Missa Mercuria 0