PROG.FM Song Stats

12 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Karnataka The Calling / State of Grace The Gathering Light 2010
Up Next Napoli Centrale Pensione Floridiana Napoli Centrale
After That Ageness Polyphemus Rituals 1995

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Farpoint Nevermore Grace
Nathan Mahl Orgasmic Outburst II The Clever Use of Shadows
Phideaux Sick of Me 313 2006
Like Wendy Flood Homeland 2003
Landmarq Ta' Jiang Infinity Parade 2003
Tr3nity From Afar Precious Seconds
Duty Free Area Malia Duty Free Area
Odyssice Olympus Impression 2000
National Health Tales of a Damson Knight Complete 1990