PROG.FM Song Stats

11 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Wyzards All of the World The Final Catastrophe
Up Next Vanden Plas End of All Days Beyond Daylight
After That Derek Sherinian Evel Kneivel Inertia 2001

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Nightwish Nightguest Oceanborn 2000
Cyan Original Sin The Creeping Vine
Martin Orford Power and Speed The Old Road 2009
Cast Dawn Imaginary Windows
Collage My Czarodzieje (We Wizards) Changes
Andromeda The Words Unspoken Extension of the Wish
Legend Wood for the Trees Spirit 2013
Moth Vellum Against the Suns (Part 2) Moth Vellum 2008
Godsticks Only When Provoked Godsticks 2008